Istanbul Arel University provides support to young and adult people’s education process since 2010. We aim to update standards in line with the developing world and constantly follow the changes in the world.

Within the Erasmus+ Programme of European Commissions, we provide project opportunities for the members of Higher Education within the frame of Student Study Mobility, Student Intern Mobility, Teaching Mobility and Staff Mobility. Additionally, International Youth Exchanges, Training Course Programmes, Seminars, Conferences, Job-Shadowing Visits, Work Visits and Volunteering Opportunities for young people and youth workers without any language or education requirements.

It is possible to participate in programmes and projects in the European and Non-European countries with Erasmus+ Programme of European Union.  

Erasmus+ is a tool that allows us to import and export information, technology and innovations. It also gives us the opportunity to disseminate the scientific work of our university abroad. Erasmus+ is also a tool to use and disseminate the intercultural learning, non-formal education, informal education, peer education, learning by doing education and lifelong learning education systems.