Erasmus+ Training Course - “Be part of the solution"

“Be part of the solution” is a conflict resolution training that held in the small city of Braunlage in Central Germany from the 1-7th of December 2015. There were 45 youngsters and youth workers coming to learn how to build peace between each other, how to organize projects and activities that will bring the youngsters from the conflict countries together, to learn which tools are there to solve the problems between the youth. The participants were coming from conflict countries: Israel/Palestine, Russia/Ukraine, Kosovo/Serbia/Croatia, Macedonia/Greece/Kosovo/Cyprus and the host Germany.

Istanbul Arel University was one of the partner in the projects representing Turkish delegation and sent 4 youth workers to the Training Course.

Participants from Turkey: Ümüt AÇAR, H. Şansel ÇABUK, Hamdi TEKİN and Lenka Karafiátová.

We are proud to be part of the TC ad hooping to work again with the host organisation NaturKultur e.V.

Here are some photos from the course;