Erasmus+ Training Course ‘’Social Justice on Social Media’’ was succesfully completed

The Project ‘’Social Justice on Social Media’’ which was carried out by Istanbul Arel University Youth Work Research and Application Center brought 27 participants together within the scope of Erasmus+ International training course in 16-24 July 2016 and it accomplised succesfully. The Project was funded by  Turkish National Agency and also was supported by Council Of Europe's Youth Department with the materials (Compass, Bookmarks and dissemination material of No Hate Speech Movement"

Within the scope of Project, which was hosted by Istanbul Arel Univeristy Youth Work Center, participants worked on ‘’Social Justice on Social Media’’, ‘’Human Rights’’ and ‘’Hate Speech’’ issues with non-formal education techniques. Main objectives of the Project was providing intercultural learning, developing a common and mobilizing understanding of social justice in the youth field,  creating awareness about what to do in the situation of “human rights violations and increasing knowledge of the possible actions and opportunities offered by these media.

Manager of the Youth Work Application and Research Center Mehmet ÇETİNKAYA, Youth Worker Ümüt AÇAR, expert of Career Planning and Placement center Şansel ÇABUK and Ioana SERBAN who came from Romania Rise and Shine Youth Association within the projects to our country were used non-formal method. In addition to these responsible of the Koza Holding’s Social Media department Mustafa YILMAZCAN held the session about ‘’How to use Social Media Tool Efficiently’’ and Academician of the Istanbul Arel University Asst. Prof. Çağdaş DEDEOĞLU held session about ‘’Undisiplined Rationality’’ which brought enhancive diversity of training together.

Within the Training Course, Amal HAMICH from Belgium's Wedia Activists  team presented the game "WEDIA" and had a session with Mehmet ÇETİNKAYA together about "No Hate Speech Movement" and "How to Combat With Hate Speech Movement".

Participants who came from abroad and different Turkish cities prepared cultural night to present their culture in their free time. The Project ended at the end of dinner out which was invited by the Istanbul Arel University Rector Prof. Dr. D. Serkan C. TAPKIN.

Photos realted the training course can be found on the Facebook page of Youth Work Center.